CEO and CFO Services (Interim and On-demand)

While there is never a shortage of Board-level non-executive Directorial services available to business owners, the provision of crucial, hands-on CEO or CFO services is rarely offered in the market.

Both new and established businesses will encounter unique and ongoing challenges stemming from all aspects of the business environment, including a range of internal and external factors. We offer tactical solutions designed to actively combat your business’s growing pains.

An effective CEO or CFO must have sophisticated experience in strategic planning, and execution and a strong financial background covering all business areas – this is where we differentiate ourselves. Contact us for a consultation to alleviate your business difficulties and build capacity for prosperity moving forward. 

Our team consists of a commercial-minded Business Director and Senior Financial Executive with a broad skills base. We boast extensive experience across ASX-Listed entities, multiple industries and multinationals (Asia Pacific Region).

CEO and CFO with a proven track record in developing and growing new and existing businesses, strategic planning & execution (at Corporate, Business & Functional Levels), results-driven & operational focus, building and retaining teams and managing internal and external stakeholder relations. Ability to apply in-depth knowledge and identify the key business & risk drivers to drive business growth. Strong business acumen and innovative mindset – forward-looking and adaptive to changes. Specialised in streamlining non-value added processes, and evaluating risks to improve efficiency & bottom-line profit.

Language proficiency: English, Cantonese, Mandarin.

Internal Aspects:
  • Business Entity Structure Planning
  • SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Corporate & Business Plans
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Cashflow Planning and Management
  • Financial Reporting, Management and Compliance
  • Operational procedures and policies
  • Credit Control Strategies & Policies
  • Staffing Requirements and Compliance
  • Industrial Safety Standards
  • Risk assessment and management.
  • Foreign currency planning
  • Plateau stage where business lacks growth
  • Insufficient Internal Resources to support continued growth
  • Sales revenue increasing but cash inflow falling behind
  • Inaccurate Budgeting and Forecasting, unable to identify KPIs & Drivers
  • Incorrect Pricing for Products or Services and underlying costing
  • Deteriorating Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • Deteriorating Staff Morale
  • Financial Stress (high debts, deadstock, slow-moving inventory, late customers’ payments etc)
  • Warehousing, supply chain and logistics streamlining
  • Change and transformation management, including cost control
  • Sophisticated financial modelling and sensitivity analysis
  • Systems Implementation and M&A Business integration
External Aspects (Local and Overseas)
  • Government policies analysis and issues relating to your business
  • Economical and Market fluctuations and issues
  • Environmental assessment
  • Ethical practice – market perception and evaluation
  • Political issues & considerations
  • Social behaviour (Age, Cultural and buying preferences)
  • Technological changes (Competitors’ adoption movements and trends)
  • Finance and Credit (fiscal policy change, tightened lending criteria etc.)
  • Changes to Laws (Industry-specific or overall environment)
  • Changing Market Trends and Technology
  • Changing Customer Preferences