For Local and Overseas Clients who are looking to buy Residential or Commercial Properties, Businesses, Rural Lands, Vineyards and Farms that might not have the expertise and time or require guidance advisory, you can utilize our expertise to find the most suitable type of property or business on your behalf.

Houses and Apartments
Commercial Offices, Hotels, Shopping Centres and Industrial Properties, Lands Acquisition
Business Buy/Sell and Mergers & Acquisitions
Australian Livestock and Farms
Australian Vineyards and Wineries
Australian Seafood and Fishery Farms
Investing in Property or a Business is not an easy task, which requires an in-depth level of industrial experience, strategic planning & financial expertise and analytical skills in terms of Valuation, the market conditions and trend movements.

– Do you understand the market conditions?

– What type of Property/Business should you be considering?

– How to ensure that you are not overpaying?

– What is your budget or borrowing ability?

– What is your investment time-frame and objectives?

– Which location should you be looking at?

– What are the governing laws and regulations you should know about?

– Do you know the market investment return by property/business types and what is the current market trend in 3, 5 or 10 years?

If you are looking for buying or selling investment opportunities in Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Rural properties, Wineries/Vineyards and Primary Production Farms or considering selling or buying a business, Merger & Acquisitions or business valuation advisory, why not let the professionals to assist and utilize our expertise to protect your interests? 

Please contact us for a detailed discussion.

Warning about Unlicensed Activity: 
Under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002: 

“Licensed Real Estate Agents” can only act in the purchase or sale of rural properties up to 20 hectares in size, and not allowed for any livestock transactions. Only the “Licensed Stock and Station Agent” is licensed to handle rural properties over 20 hectates, and any livestock transactions.

“Licensed Real Estate Agent only” cannot act for the sale/purchase of a business.

“Licensed Business Agent” is licensed to negotiate for the sale, purchase or exchange or any other dealing with or disposition of businesses or professional practices or any share or interest in or concerning or the goodwill of or any stocks connected with businesses or professional practices.

# Enrich Real Group is a Corporate Licence Holder of NSW Auctioneer, Real Estate Agent, Stock and Station Agent, Business Agent and Strata Managing Agent. Corp Lic no : 10051161


Our Buying Agent services process.

–        We will discuss with you and establish an Action Plan based on your requirements, budget, time frame, type of property/business/rural/farm and location in details.

–        We will provide advisory and assessment services of your financials and objectives.

–        We will conduct detail search according to your Action Plan.

–        We will assess and evaluate the available options based on your Action Plan.

–        We will shortlist options for your review and assist with our expertise and provide guidance.

–        We will negotiate on your behalf for ideal price, attending Auction sale, operational issues, settlement time frames and funding etc.

–        We will monitor the entire settlement process on your behalf.

  • For Overseas Investors who is Non-Resident of Australia may need approval from Australian Foreign Investment Review Board before purchasing Property or Business in Australia. Please download a summary of the approval checklist below.
  • 對於非澳大利亞居民的海外投資者, 在購買澳大利亞物業或業務之前, 可能需要得到澳大利亞外國投資審查委員會的批准. 請下載以下核准清單摘要。
Download : Foreign Investment Approval Summary Checklist