Most Business Entrepreneurs are very good at running their businesses, however, selling or buying a business can be a very different science.

Buy & Sale and M&A of a business; requires years of experience and intimate corporate financial knowledge and strategic planning. During the process, many critical variables must be closely managed. The success of a transaction depends on the ability to value a business, manage the expectations, structure a transaction, manage the process and communicate with the various parties to successfully negotiate all the way through to settlement.

Our Business Brokers are highly trained with in-depth experience in all types of businesses.

Our Business Brokerage acts on behalf of Business Sellers or Buyers.

–        Industrial Business- Franchise Business, e-Commerce, Cafe/Restaurant, Education, Import/Export, Kindergarten/Child Care Centres, Manufacturing, Newsagency, Petrol Station, Post Office, Transportation,  Retail or Wholesale Business and other types of Businesses.

–        Agricultural Businesses- Rural Lands, Vineyards, Wineries, Dairy Farms, Livestock Farms, Orchards, Meat Processing and Commercial Fisheries(Lobster, Oyster and Fish Farming).

–        Professional Businesses- Accounting Practice, Advertising/Marketing Business, Architectural Practice, Medical/Dental Centres,  Education and Training Services(RTOs), Engineering Services, Financial Planning Services, IT Consulting & Development, Law Practice, Mortgage Broking Services, Pharmacy Business and Real Estate Agencies.

Our Specialties:

–        Business Valuation.

–        Business Mergers & Acquisitions.

–        Executive level of Negotiation skills.

–        Due Diligence Advisory.

–        Business Operational and Strategic Planning skills.

–        Board Directorship Service.

–        Overseas Investors Strategic Planning and Guidance Advisory.

Warning about Unlicensed Activity: 
Under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002: 

“Licensed Business Agent” is licensed to negotiate for the sale/purchase or exchange or any other dealing with or disposition of businesses or professional practices or any share or interest in or concerning or the goodwill of or any stocks connected with businesses or professional practices.

# Enrich Real Group is a Corporate Licence Holder of NSW Auctioneer, Real Estate Agent, Stock and Station Agent, Business Agent and Strata Managing Agent  Corp Lic no: 10051161